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Digital to Analog audio Converter (can converse)

Audio Converter, convert from Digital to Analog or Analog to Digital (Bidirection), convert optical Toslink or Coaxial SPDIF to analog L/R audio or 3.5mm stereo signal
MSRP: Quote Upon Request

Input Audio Connector 1:   Optical Toslink  or Coaxial  (SPDIF)
Output Audio Connector 1:   RCA(R/L), 3.5mm stereo Jack (Analog)
Input Audio Connector 2:    RCA(R/L), 3.5mm stereo Jack (Analog)
Output Audio Connector 2:    Optical Toslink or Coaxial   (SPDIF)
Color:   Black
Product Weight:   60g
Product Dimension:   85(D)x63(W)x23(H)
Consumption:   5W (Max)
Powered Supply:   Micro USB power adapter
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