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HDMI 4K AOC cable up to 300m

HDMI2.0 4K AOC cable up to 300m, support 4K@60HZ(4:4:4), bandwidth upto 18Gbps
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1.  HDMI Category 2 certificate at 4:4:4 3d 4 K Video at 60hz backwards compatible with 2160 p 60hz 1080 p 144Hz and previous HDMI v 1.4 and v 1.3 devices standards
2. The HDMI 2.0 cable allows for 4 K high Dynamic Range (HDR) video transmission up to 4hz @ 60, including 2160 p and 1080 p, showing a clearer and more natural video world, stand in a magnificent home theater and surround a rich sound.
3. The HDMI 2.0 fiber optic cable is adopted with high quality cable and conductive core, allows to transfer video and audio as optical signal without loss of signal or delay even at a much longer distance.

4. The HDMI fiber cable supports 4 K at 60hz Ultra High definition resolution, high speed Premium 18 Gbps, which approximates the best performance of your games on PlayStation and enjoys the excellent gaming experience.